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Planting Seeds in our community

Common Honeysuckle, Lonicera periclymenum, is the adopted flower of the SSGC.

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Celebrating 75 Years

As we begin our 75th year, I am remembering the historic contributions in Sandy Springs by this garden club. Instrumental in moving and preserving the Williams-Payne house, the Sandy Springs Garden Club continues to support and improve the gardens of the property. The community of Sandy Springs has felt the impact of this club as we have landscaped and improved the gardens of the Sandy Springs Library, grounds of the schools in Sandy Springs, and fire stations.

With our love of gardening and our continued interest in learning about gardening, we look forward to the programs that are planned for this year. We will explore the needs of plants, the selection of native and specimen plants and wildlife in the area. We will continue our projects as a club and look for future projects.

We live in a beautiful section of Georgia called Sandy Springs. As we continue to enjoy the beauty of the living architecture that surrounds us, let us continue our love of gardening together.

I look forward to sharing this year with members of the Sandy Springs Garden Club.


Lib Thompson

President (2015-2017)

Sandy Springs Garden Club

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